Below are just a few of the ways LEF has supported Lakeland Elementary School, and that support will now also extend to Lakeland Middle Preparatory School.

  • Chromebooks
  • Document Cameras
  • Nexus 7 Tablets
  • E-writers
  • Sound System
  • Greenhouse
  • Weather Station
  • Complete Novel Sets for a teacher or grade
  • Your support helps us fund teacher grants and projects that enrich the learning experience for the children of our community. Continue reading below for examples of how these items, and others, are impacting the students.

    Sadlier Math Workbooks

    I wrote a LEF Grant for Sadlier Progress in Mathematics workbooks, which is a classroom-designed math program that reflects the national common core standards. The workbooks are the core of our math instruction. They provide rigorous content while building deep conceptual understanding of key math skills and concepts. The students like them because they use a consistent instructional approach with step-by step instructions, this helps the students gain confidence and master the skills. The workbook provides ample guided and independent practice problems. The students especially like the Think-Pair-Share questions. They work them together then share their findings with the class. We have paired the workbooks with the Boogie Boards – it is a fantastic combination!

    Lou Ann Vaught – 5th Grade


    To Whom It May Concern:
    The first-grade teachers received a grant for nine Chromebooks. Each teacher received one Chromebook for her classroom. The students have used the books for reading centers. Reading Theory is an online program where students are given passages and students answer questions related to that passage. Read Theory will use the data to change their lexile as needed. This program gives the teacher additional reading comprehension data for each student. The additional Chromebooks have been a huge benefit with accessing this program.

    Lakeland schools purchased Dreambox for our students. Having the Chromebooks allows students to work on this program. The kids love it and their math skills have soared. Dreambox is used in centers and for early finishers. The Chromebooks allow more students access to the program.

    Illuminate is another program new to LES. Students use the Chromebooks to take pre and post-tests in the classroom. This program helps teachers plan for lessons and then determine how to tailor their lessons to benefit each student. Having the Chromebooks makes it easy to use this program in the classroom.

    The first-grade team would like to thank you for filling our grant. The Chromebooks are used daily in the classroom. As technology becomes more predominate in the classroom, you have helped to keep our classrooms up to date.

    Best Regards,
    Tonya Carson

    Document camera

    Thank you so much for the document camera we received through the grant from LEF. We have enjoyed having it so much. Many times, during the day, there is something I want to show them or enlarge for them and the document camera has been able to help with that. As I am teaching, I am able to project things from paper onto the white board with the use of the document camera and it helps my visual learners. For example, we have review skills every morning that I have always had students share answers for, but they have never seen them. Now, I can have the work shown on the document camera and the students can see exactly where the answers are and how they are worked. Another great example is map skills. In third grade, the students are identifying countries, bodies of water, and landforms on all the different continents. I have been able to display maps and have them label them where the whole class can see.

    I am still learning things I can do with the document camera as well. Next year, I plan to incorporate even more things into my lessons using the document camera.

    Kim Hallum – 3rd grade

    Grant: Storyworks, Jr

    Grantee: 2nd Grade

    The second-grade classes were granted funds to purchase a reading supplement for the reading/language arts program. Since receiving the grant and purchasing “Storyworks, Jr”, the second grade has been able to create and implement a balanced, scientifically based reading program for the students. Many of the stories in the program correlated perfectly with other second grade projects and curriculum.

    One example of a favorite story/lesson was the story entitled “How to Save a Baby Elephant”. Through the use of this one story, the students learned multiple reading skills, writing skills, geography, science and even math. The students were able to feel as though they were “in the story” by using the video read along that provided gripping photos and footage of the actual story.

    Another way that Storyworks, Jr has benefited the second-grade students is through the dramas that are in every issue. Many times, students are exposed to maybe one drama in a school year. Every issue of Storyworks, Jr has a drama and the students love them. One particular drama that was a favorite was “The Day Mrs. Parks Was Arrested”. The students actually performed the drama and this historic event became very real to them. The drama for this month is entitled “The Tortoise and the Hare”. I am sure that they will enjoy this one as much as they did the last.

    Storyworks, Jr also includes an Infographic in every issue. This is something fairly new for second graders and is included in the new standards. In February, students used an Infographic entitled “Candy Crush” to develop an essay about Sweethearts candy. The students had to explain why Sweethearts should be the official candy for Valentine’s Day. Not only did Storyworks, Jr provide the Infographic, they also provided a video from the Necco plant where Sweethearts are made. The students took a virtual field trip through the factory and learned about the history of the popular Sweethearts candy.

    In conclusion, Storyworks, Jr is quickly becoming a favorite component of the second grade ELA curriculum with teachers and students alike. The second grade teachers have used the materials as non-consumable, so the investment in the materials can continue for many years to come.

    Sensory Room

    LEF Grant Committee:

    This letter is in regards to the LEF grant that we obtained for school year 2016-2017 to create a sensory room. To date, a room has been created and in place are: four swing options (hammock swing, turtle swing, cuddle swing, and bolster swing), a crash mat, a stream-roller (used for deep pressure), a balance beam, and a tunnel. Equipment that has been ordered and has arrived are two time timers. Equipment that has been ordered and we are awaiting their arrival are: a scooter ramp, two calming bubble tubes, a trampoline, and a beanbag chair. Training and development of a child’s needs and purpose for use of the room has begun.

    Kristi Wheeler, OTR/L
    Occupational Therapist